ColdFusion Job Opportunity in Marlboro, VT

Position Summary:
Develop, maintain and manage Marlboro College’s websites and web-based applications to meet the academic and business needs of the institution.

Essential Functions/Position Responsibilities:

  • Maintain and expand the codebase for Marlboro’s outward facing website, intranet and various internal web-based applications
  • Collaborate and coordinate with staff, faculty and students relative to the architecture, structure, and user interface of our websites
  • Maintain related documentation
  • Monitor and ensure the ongoing and effective operation of our websites
  • Conduct or assist in conducting server and application updates and troubleshooting
  • Assist in the implementation of non-web related technology including email, network, database, backup, server maintenance and student IT projects

Hiring Requirements/Preferences

  • BS degree in Information Technology or related field of study
  • Minimum 5 years of experience building and maintaining PHP based websites
  • Strong working knowledge of PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, web standards and usability
  • Experience setting up and maintaining a LAMP stack; familiarity with the Windows/IIS equivalent a plus
  • Familiarity in the following languages a plus: ColdFusion, Python, Microsoft SQL, Bash or similar
  • Demonstrated ability to tie disparate systems together via API or similar
  • Demonstrated ability to align efforts and initiative with established objectives
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate effectively with diverse constituency base in the achievement of established initiatives and objectives.

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ColdFusion Job Opportunity in Marlboro, VT

A key member of our small, friendly IT department, this position is responsible for the maintenance and development of a variety of mostly web-based, internal applications.

Marlboro College is a residential school located in the green hills of southern Vermont with a focus on academic rigor and community involvement.  Our tiny IT department is nestled within the academic and administrative realms of the institution and is expected to engage with all levels of the community.  IT works closely with every constituent group on campus, from admissions to accounting, student government to the library, faculty projects to classroom technology.

The ideal candidate will enjoy: chatting with faculty about technology in their teaching, drafting design specs and developing tools for the accounting office, and assisting the registrar in analyzing student data for reporting.  The position potentially has a great deal of autonomy and responsibility and candidates should be comfortable setting deadlines and meeting them.

We are looking for someone excited to create and maintain web-based applications and server-side scripts, someone who enjoys a relaxed work environment but also jumps at the chance to help others be more efficient. Experience with the following preferred:

  • writing form and report based applications in ColdFusion or PHP, including maintaining legacy code
  • configuring, maintaining and using relational databases including MSSQL or MySQL
  • configuring and maintaining IIS, Apache or equivalent web servers
  • coding production applications including back and front-end
  • working in a linux environment
  • porting code

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ColdFusion Job Opportunity in Williston, VT

Developer required for application documentation and file clean up. the client is requesting the creation of application documentation that will allow the its Development staff to understand the existing systems and a cleanup of files that are obsolete for the existing systems.

The web development consists mainly of ColdFusion interfaces with SQL Server persistence layer.  The Development team has lost the members that had the historical knowledge of the requirements and design for many of these applications.  The system directories are clearly polluted with unnecessary files that need to be identified and removed. The Business units that use these applications have lost a lot of the familiarity of the systems and what functions they can and cannot perform within them.

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