ColdFusion Job Opportunity in Wright-Patterson AFB, OH

Systems Analyst Support/Web Application Developer Support:

  • Shall provide Systems Analyst/Web Application Developer support to develop/modify/ modernize/enhance existing data collection software to facilitate aeromedical education, research, and consultation mission objectives as defined by the customer. The organization currently provides operational support for 54 web applications and 42 databases. The Web applications alone served over 2 million page views (and growing) over the past year (2015-2016), and were accessed by over 620 DoD installations worldwide.

Web Application Support:

  • Shall develop and maintain 711 HPW sponsored web applications. The contractor shall ensure applications meet end user requirements and maintain 99% availability during business hours. Additionally, the contractor shall ensure 90% of applications outages and user account issues are resolved within 4 working hours of notification
  • Shall develop input and output capabilities (e.g. reports and web screens) that comply with AF and customer requirements. The contractor shall ensure 90% of projects are completed IAW an internal development schedule unless approved otherwise by the OMCI Branch Chief or higher authority.
  • Shall protect and manage data that may be categorized as Controlled Unclassified Information, sensitive, Personally Identifiable Information and/or Health Insurance Portability, and Accountability Act related. Specifically, the contractor shall ensure all sensitive data is appropriately segregated and controlled by applicable discretionary access controls.
  • Shall ensure all projects comply with AF and organizational software design and coding standards.
  • Shall use and modify existing data collection software to develop appropriate searchable fields to simplify data analysis.
  • Shall build report capabilities from data sets to answer research questions.
  • Shall identify data external “off the shelf” technologies as required.
  • Shall perform assigned portions of system analysis, design, programming, and documentation for windows or web-based applications, using Air Force Network Integration Center (AFNIC) approved software and design tools.
  • Shall implement data acquisition protocols; capture, update, enhance, modify, and add report generators; develop user interfaces; and develop documentation.
  • Shall perform research, analysis, reporting, and updating of files or systems as required. Projects may include special inventories, equipment management, and other resource management.
  • Shall develop, modify, update, and maintain 711 HPW web applications for different organizations within the 711 HPW. Database and web server administration responsibilities are also required.
  • Participate in periodic code reviews, as a peer evaluator, and/or a submitter to ensure consistency in design, code development, and documentation.
  • Document, design, develop, test, implement, and support web applications based on user requirements.
  • Create, modify, troubleshoot, and update input and output capabilities including reports and web pages. Reports may vary in complexity based on audience and identified requirements.
  • Conduct analyses for new reports and capabilities; provide technical consultation to users and customers.
  • Interact with users and customers to obtain requirements and verify developed solutions meet needs initially and over time.
  • Establish and implement application-controlled chain-of-custody and associated management requirements for documents containing Controlled Unclassified Information and/or sensitive data.
  • Develop and/or provide the ability to capture and report transaction and usage metrics.
  • Develop and/or provide the ability to archive, search, and recover historical data.
  • Provide discretionary access control for web pages, reports, and databases.
  • Develop methods and capabilities to establish robust data transaction monitoring.
  • Given technical requirements and design specifications, can produce technical and user documentation and program in relational database query languages, modern programming languages, or web development environments.
  • Maintain, modernize, and enhance existing Wing Web applications.
  • Assist users and customers with the development, use, and modification of official records as defined by the user and applicable records management personnel.
  • Develop capabilities to coordinate, distribute, and record user-specified data.
  • Follow design and coding standards.
  • Provide training and assistance with new and existing applications.
  • Perform database backups, as well as general maintenance and upgrades.
  • Monitor web server performance.
  • Support RMF A&A process through all phases of the system’s life cycle.
  • Develop in ColdFusion, JavaScript, jQuery, .NET.
  • Provide prompt, professional, and customer-friendly support for the 711 HPW in person, via email, or on the phone.
  • Assist with the creation, modification, and/or upgrade of documentation to Assessment and Authorization (A&A) systems and applications as requested by the Government. Function effectively as an A&A team member as well as keep records and monitor the status of all A&A documentation and efforts. Respond to Government data calls involving the A&A of systems and applications on a regular and recurring basis.

Proficiency Analytical Testing Program (PAT) Support:

  • Provide Web Application Developer support to develop/modify/modernize/enhance existing web applications; facilitating the Proficiency Analytical Testing mission.
  • Maintain and support USAFSAM/OET/PAT web applications and data based upon user requirements to meet changing mission requirements.
  • Develop and/or provide the ability to extract, search, and analyze historical data.
  • Conduct analysis of USAFSAM/OET/PAT Web applications to determine areas of improvement and new capability/capacities.
  • Design, build, and implement processes to extract USAFSAM/OET/PAT data into a usable form for tracking, customer reporting, and AF/MAJCOM use.
  • Provide recommendations to improve overall program website (s) functionality and end user interface.


  • B.S. in Computer Science and 2 years relevant work experience, OR:
  • Any Bachelor’s Degree and 4 years relevant work experience, OR:
  • Any post-secondary education and 5 years relevant work experience.
  • Required to have Information Assurance Technical Level II (IAT Level II) Certification IAW AFMAN 17-1303, 01 November 2016.
  • Experience is required with 711 HPW and/or Air Force Web applications. Examples include:
    • AF Analytical Service’s Laboratory Information System,
    • AF Aeromedical Consultation Services Patient Status Worksheet, Examinee Management System, and Ophthalmology Examination System.
    • 711 HPW Travel Request System.
    • Human Systems Integration’s Base Operational Medical Cell Quality Tool
    • Human Effectiveness’ Bio-effects Database and Informational Atlas of Laser Lesions Position Responsibilities.
  • Experience reading, writing, and modifying complex SQL queries.
  • Experience editing code with Air Force Network Integration Center (AFNIC) approved text editors and IDEs.
  • Experience with Toad, SQL Server Management Studio, Visual Studio, and Microsoft Office programs.


  • United States Citizen
  • Must have an active U.S. Secret Clearance

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