ColdFusion Job Opportunity in Washington, DC

Senior Web Developer (Washington DC)

Not a playground nor a sweat shop. Not a startup or a dinosaur.Consumers’ CHECKBOOK/ Center for the Study of Services (CHECKBOOK/CSS) is a nonprofit consumer information innovator who keeps growing in size and stature.

We’re seeking an experienced, creative, cutting edge web developer to work full-time with our web-development team on implementation of local and national projects. Find a home for your creativity and technological acumen. Enjoy an environment that values both you and your contributions in a mature, relaxed, but high-performing work space. Enjoy the pace and personality of downtown D.C. Feel good about doing work that makes a difference.

Our requirements are:

  • 3-5 years of advanced experience in web technologies.
  • Solid work designing and coding user-friendly and responsive client-side web pages using jQuery, jQuery Mobile, Bootstrap, and HTML5.
  • Comfortable working knowledge of ColdFusion and CF application development.
  • Fluency in XML/JSON, JavaScript, and CSS3.
  • Excellent knowledge of SQL and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Good oral and written communication skills.
  • Desire and ability to effectively learn and adapt to changing technologies, and apply them as needed.

Our position is full-time and we’re located just a block or two from Metro. Sane weekday hours. Competitive compensation.

Background checks are required for this position.

Apply here.


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