ColdFusion Job Opportunity in Washington, DC

Green America is looking for an experienced web developer to join our web team. Maybe that person is you.


  • A 33-year old not-for-profit organization working for social and environmental justice through economic action.
  • An outdated website.
  • A lot of pretty amazing projects that often need to move fast.
  • Tackling problems of sustainability from all angles: economics, education, policy, social systems, we work on the whole thing.
  • Building new tools and processes to modernize all of it.
  • An organization with a quarterly magazine and several print publications.
  • A national network of green businesses, small and large.
  • Dedication to intersectional environmental justice. Including in the technology we use.
  • Kinda agile, kinda waterfall, basically agilefall.
  • ~30 person organization with a ~2[+you]-person digital products/web team
  • 4-day/32-hour work week (3-day weekends Friday through Sunday. Every. Week.)
  • Care about each other and our work. In that order.
  • Really good healthcare benefits (seriously, ask about them).


  • An inquisitive mind.
  • Good HTML/CSS/JS skills (super bonus points if you ❤ SASS).
  • An #a11y and mobile-first+progressive enhancement practioner.
  • A strong developer. (Our old systems use coldfusion and MSSQL—you probably won’t touch those often since we’re preparing to retire them—our current projects use PHP or Jekyll, and who knows what the future will bring…help us decide!)
  • A love for good git workflows (because we need help with that).
  • Passion for social & environmental justice and making real change in the world.
  • Ability to clearly communicate complex technical ideas to non-technical staff. (And the foresight to know when you don’t need to.)
  • An appreciation for good typography.
  • A project manager who is committed to deeply collaborative workplaces.
  • Some (but not a lot) DevOps knowledge. (If you can StackExchange your way through troubleshooting a server via SSH, that’s all we need.)

Apply here.



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