ColdFusion Job Opportunity in Springfield, IL

About the Job Cold Fusion Developer

  • Consultant is responsible for developing the technical portion of the detail design document.​
  • Once the functional and technical design documents are approved by IOC management, the vendor will follow the design’s specifications to complete coding, using IT-specified in-line code documentation.​
  • The vendor will also assist the IOC in testing and implementing projects, however IOC staff will perform user acceptance testing and will migrate applications into production.​
  • The vendor shall effectively and efficiently communicate with the IOC during all working hours regarding project status, testing, and implementation.​


Senior ColdFusion Developer

IOC estimates this position will require a candidate approximately 35 hours per week for 9 to 12 months, with an option to renew.​

  • Minimum 3 years of solid ColdFusion development experience
  • Minimum 2 years MS SQL Server experience developing and optimizing queries, stored procedures, views, and functions, and calling them from ColdFusion applications
  • Minimum 5 years of web development, using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.​ Experience with Mura CMS, FW/​1, XML, JSON, and bootstrap/​responsive design a plus
  • Candidates should have a solid understanding of Object Oriented Design and Development
  • Experience with version control software a plus
  • A solid understanding of end-to-end web application architecture, from the layout/​user interface to relational database structures
  • A solid understanding of web application development methodology
  • Strong communication and writing skills.​ Ability to communicate directly with peers, managers, and vendors while leading development to a complete and successful solution.​
  • Strong organization skills to manage multiple timelines and complete tasks quickly within the constraints of business timelines and budgets.
  • Communicates effectively and thoroughly with IT Infrastructure team and all other employees as appropriate
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from an accredited college or university; or equivalent education/​experience in web development.​

Where Services are to be Performed

All services are required to be performed on-site either at 325 W.​ Adams St, Springfield, Illinois, or at 100 W.​ Randolph St.​, Chicago, Illinois.​ IOC may allow remote off-site work with prior IOC approval.​

Term of Contract

The anticipated term of this contract shall be from the date of execution of the contract through 06/​30/​2016 with a possibility to renew.​

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