ColdFusion Job Opportunity in Scotts Valley, CA

Is your brain a sponge? Does it soak up all things code? Tired of going to school, but love learning new languages? Ever wonder what it would be like to get paid to learn a new language or three? It doesn’t matter if you were taught by a professor, a book, or StackOverflow — if you’ve got a solid coding foundation, we want to talk to you.

ColdFusion touches almost all of the backend systems in our banking and credit union SaaS product, Homebase. Business logic. Import/export engines. Reporting. Recommendation engines. They’re all grounded in ColdFusion. And our list is bursting at the seams. If you’ve ever worked with Java, C, PHP or something similar, you can program ColdFusion.

We are a small, agile development team. You’ll work directly with our Principal Architect and CTO to enhance existing systems and develop new ones, all while improving your existing skill set. Our code is grown in ColdFusion CFC petri dishes, controlled with GIT (via BitBucket) and released to our Angular front-end via REST interfaces. Our backend logic is completely separate from the presentation layer. This is not your typical “all-in-one” scripting job that requires hands-on implementation of HTML, CSS, JS, AJAX, etc. Instead you’ll be a dedicated backend developer focusing on optimizations, core logic and feature sets … not browser compatibility and pixel offsets. You’ll work on a variety of projects ranging from core application development to internal tool creation.

Is this up your alley? Are you re-reading all this to make sure you don’t miss anything when you apply? We’d love to hear from you!


  • Object Oriented Programming and/or Scripting Experience: You’ve worked with some flavor of Java, C, PHP, JSP, Python, Perl, JavaScript, etc. It doesn’t matter as long as you have a solid programming foundation, like to learn, and are willing to get your hands dirty.
  • Source Control: Our code lives in GIT and is managed via BitBucket (Atlassian’s answer to GitHub). You should have hands-on experience working with something similar. Want something to do? Go setup a GitHub or BitBucket account right now!
  • Rest/SOAP/JSON: Web service familiarity. Our backend systems serve up raw data via REST interfaces to our frontend systems in JSON format. We shouldn’t have to explain what that means.
  • Some SQL: You’ve worked with some flavor of SQL. MySQL, MS SQL, NoSQL … again, it doesn’t matter.

Bonus Skills

  • ColdFusion, AngularJS, Railo, OpenLaszlo, Flex, HTML, ORM
  • Unit Testing
  • Change Management – BitBucket, GIT, JIRA, Bamboo CI


  • Full time position with health benefits, catered lunches and a membership to the one of the best gyms in the Bay Area (with a pool, tennis courts, indoor basketball, racquetball, weights, group fitness classes, etc.).
  • Our environment is set up around developer productivity including the ability to create a flexible schedule around your most productive hours, a sweet developer rig, and all the monitors you can fit on your desk.
  • Silicon Valley commuters experience an excellent reverse commute.
  • Employees with longer commutes have the option to work remotely 1-2 days a week once fully acclimated to our environments.
  • Relocation assistance is possible for the right candidate.

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