ColdFusion Job Opportunity in San Antonio, TX

Job Description:

Web Application Development and Maintenance Specialist will develop and maintain web based applications for the dissemination of IO related products to the Joint Staff, Combatant Commands, and other DoD activities. Accordingly, the client has adopted a standard architecture consisting of Windows Server platforms running MS-Internet Information Server, MS-SQL Server, Microsoft .NET environment, and ColdFusion Application Server. Rapid application development principles are applied to create the applications and support for all applications includes development, certification & accreditation, and normal life-cycle support. Current web applications requiring support includes Odyssey, Minerva, and the Assessment Influence Model.


Web Application Development and Maintenance Specialist shall possess 7 years of experience in requirements analysis, design, coding and unit testing, system integration testing, implementation, deploying, providing service to, providing training for, maintaining or updating web based applications.

  • Additionally Web Application Development and Maintenance Specialist shall possess a minimum of 5 years of experience with the following development software and technologies:
    • Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop, and Captivate.
    • Microsoft .Net environment.
    • Adobe Coldfusion Application server and Coldfusion rapid application development language.
    • Web server software (e.g. Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) web server).
    • DoD-approved IA baseline certification
  • An understanding of the roles and relationships of combatant commands, Joint Staff, Office of the Secretary of Defense, combat support agencies and other relevant USG and DOD departments, agencies, and organizations.
  • The ability to write clearly, succinctly and in a manner that appeals to a wide audience. Written communication could apply to writing for the Web, composing interoffice memos and correspondence or briefings, constructing users handbooks or technical manuals or drafting proposals for technical solutions.
  • The ability to verbally express ideas in a way that is easily understood by others who are unfamiliar with the topic, including delivering a presentation, giving accurate information or acting as a spokesperson (oral communication skills).
  • The ability to work with a wide variety of people, including civilians, military, contractors, and industry representatives, often under pressure, with a focus on rapport-building, listening and questioning skills (interpersonal skills).
  • The ability to ensure information is technically correct, accurate, and complete and to prepare and present briefings and accurate, comprehensive reports to appropriate personnel.
  • Knowledge of and experience in Microsoft operating systems, a wide range of standard office automation products (e.g. Microsoft Office), and web browser applications (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, et al.) such that no special training is required and the employee should be very comfortable working with those based on past experience and would be a good candidate to mentor other users requesting assistance.

Clearance Requirement:

  • Top Secret Clearance

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