ColdFusion Job Opportunity in Salt Lake City, UT

The programmer is responsible for the development and design of major and minor Web applications and components for internal and external system users. The developer will design, develop, test and deliver web sites, applications and components. Enhancements and defect resolution will be required on an ongoing basis. Best practices and design methods will be utilized to insure the success of the projects. The developer will have the ability to create web applications and components from the requirements stage, through design, through production deployment. They will be required to have experience in scripting, programming, as well as development involving compatibility and seamless integration with various technologies such as, but not limited to PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and NodeJS.
Flexibility, adaptability and the ability to learn quickly in various technical and creative environments, while delivering quality work by tight deadlines, are key attributes of this individual.


  • Operates effectively as a member of the development team.
  • Also operates effectively as an individual for quick turnaround of enhancements and fixes.
  • Responsible for meeting expectations and deliverables on time and in high quality.
  • Responsible for the development of web applications and components.
  • Responsible for the design and development of web pages, and GUIs.
  • Effectively develops in a clean, well structured, easily maintainable format.
  • Utilizes storyboarding and graphic pre-designs where appropriate.
  • Demonstrates creative, technical and analytical skills.
  • Demonstrates ability to communicate effectively in both technical and business environments.


  • Experience in developing websites and/or web applications. Minimum of 2 years of web design and development experience is required.
  • Solid understanding of navigation and GUI for maximizing usability.
  • Front-end and some back-end development experience. More important is the experience of seamless integration of front- to back-end functionality.
  • Practical experience in development of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, SQL, PHP.
  • Practical exposure and/or experience with some or all of the following: Java Server Pages and Java, XML, PHP, Oracle, ColdFusion Server, CFML, CFScript, IIS, Windows Server environments.
  • Demonstrated proficiency and experience of relational databases (SQL), database programming and good understanding database languages
  • Demonstrated experience to work with others in a team environment, good verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience with source control systems
  • Ability to learn and adapt to changing requirements and environments
  • Ability to meet deadlines and work extended time when necessary
  • Ability to work alone and be self-managed on projects and ability to research on problem encountered
  • Ability to work with other developers and users and ability to take criticism
  • Ability to work in a multicultural environment with friendly and professional demeanor.
  • Basic knowledge of productivity software (word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)


BS in Computer Science, Management Information System, Information Technology or related field or 8 years of equivalent work experience.

Required experience:

  • Back-end Programming: 5 years

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