ColdFusion Job Opportunity in Roseville, CA

Job Description
We are seeking an enthusiastic applications developer with experience developing web-based business applications using ColdFusion, SQL, and advanced technologies, including CFCs, Ajax, Web services, and XML. You’ll have the opportunity to influence and develop industry-leading web applications that are revolutionizing the valuation industry. As part of the integrations team, your experience working in an enterprise application environment performing integrations with large customers will be valuable. Your ability to work in a small team and communicate with customers in a very customer centric manner will suit you well in this role.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Plan, develop, test, debug, implement, and support innovative web-based business applications
  • Analyze, determine, and utilize creative problem solving abilities in approaching developmental tasks
  • Maintain current integrations as well as adding new integrations
  • Work with Architecture team to design and implement a new integration framework
  • Work effectively with all business units and work closely with project manager and other team members to meet deadlines and reach departmental goals
  • Leverage experience, foresight and analytical skills to efficiently find solutions in completing tasks

Required Job Related Skills and Experience

  • Minimum of five (5) years of practical experience programming in ColdFusion MX/8/9, XML, and SQL
  • Experience with Java technologies preferred
  • Proficient in the implementation and consumption of web services using REST architecture and SOAP protocol
  • Working knowledge of software development life cycle and best practices (design patterns, testing, frameworks, source control and documentation)
  • Experience working successfully with changing priorities and risk – demonstrated ability to learn and adapt to new technologies
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills – demonstrated experience in working with a team in the design and implementation of software solutions

Additional Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related discipline is preferred
  • Working knowledge of Ajax, jQuery, PL/SQL, Java, CSS, HTML5, MVC, Object-Oriented Design, JUnit are all pluses
  • Knowledge of the DropWizard Framework preferred, or knowledge of individual DropWizard components such as Jersey / Jackson
  • Knowledge of or experience with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a plus
  • A relentless self learner who thrives in a highly dynamic environment

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