ColdFusion Job Opportunity in Rockville, MD

Hosted Records Inc., Rockville, MD

Scope of Work: for this proposed service requires master level knowledge and proficiencies in a ColdFusion Web Application (ColdFusion 11 front-end, SQL Server 2012-08 back-end) as well as a client-server database application (Microsoft Access GUI front-end and a Microsoft SQL Server 2012-08 database backend).

The Senior Specialty Software Developer will act as a liaison between the Division of Facilities Operations (DFO) and the Web Developer Contractors for all web application maintenance and enhancement requests.

Additionally, they will be directly responsible for all development, maintenance and enhancements of the headquarters client server version of the Healthcare Facilities Data Systems. There are over 150 Tables, 200 Views, 400 Forms and Sub-Forms, 350 Reports and Sub-Reports. Almost all forms and some reports take advantage of Microsoft Access Visual Basic Scripting.

The database supports Federal Financial Accounting Standard 6 and audit requirements; and Federal asset management initiatives promulgated by the Federal Real Property Council through the implementation of Executive Order 13327, Federal Real Property Asset Management.

On-site location at Indian Health Services headquarters in Rockville, MD.

Must be US Citizen

Please submit cover letter and resume.

Job Type: Full-time

Apply here.


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