ColdFusion Job Opportunity in Portland, OR

Our client is looking for a full time Cold Fusion Engineer to work with their small engineering team of around 15 that isn’t a startup but more of an emerging organization. They’re creating state of art software applications and have been serving the automotive industry and the business needs of their direct customers and end user consumers for over 12+ years. They have some Cold Fusion code base that is still supporting the needs of some of their customers. Overall this engineering team is innovative, entrepreneurial, and very welcoming.

The developer’s position is responsible for development, testing, deployment and maintenance of our SaaS CRM + Website application. We will interview developers who are proficient in other languages that are willing to learn ColdFusion.

Responsibilities include:

  • Develop, test and debug application features
  • Help maintain substantial existing codebase
  • Provide full development life-cycle support

The Scope:
Leverage your experience, foresight, and analytical skills to find solutions and complete tasks.
Duties involve a fairly high degree of complexity due to the nature of our mature CRM/Website product.
Work is performed largely independently according to established guidelines; however, a certain degree of creative latitude and discretion are important. While this position reports directly to the Chief Technology Officer, there is interaction both within and outside the company.
You will need to work effectively with all business units to meet deadlines and goals.

The Essentials:

  • Experience developing/maintaining large-scale complex web applications- Experience using an MVC Web Application Framework
  • Excellent communication skills and effective teamwork
  • Solid understanding of HTML/CSS /JavaScript/AJAX- Strong debugging/QA skills
  • Proven experience in producing accurate and high-quality work
  • Self-starter with ability to independently manage workload
  • High professional ethical standards


  • Experience developing enterprise applications
  • Open Source Cold Fusion Railo or Lucee experience
  • AWS experience
  • MSSQL Server 2012 proficiency

Required experience:

  • ColdFusion Development * HTML/CSS /JavaScript/AJAX- Strong debugging/QA skills: 3 years

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