ColdFusion Job Opportunity in Parker, CO

The position open will initially be for developers specializing in ColdFusion. We’re looking for a developer that is familiar with all of the aspects of ColdFusion best practices (the proper use and build of CFCs, Cfscript vs inline, etc), but also someone who is competent at structuring code and code architecture. We need a little more than just a “it works” coding approach…an analytical mind for understanding and weeding out code deficiencies, as well as structuring code to scale massively is important.

Requirements for the current position:

  • Some participation in higher education is preferred but certainly not required (high school students, feel free to contact us for internships).
  • Intermediate to Advanced Coldfusion
  • Intermediate to advanced MySQL or MS SQL (SQL querying)


  • AJAX, REST, and Jquery skillsets
  • HTML CSS a bonus, but not necessary

Most importantly:

  • Hard working
  • Focused (our team locks in during work hours…”facebookers” wont fit in well here)
  • Passionate about making really great technology products.

Our team is compromised by a couple of young, forward thinking, 20s/30s guys who really push the boundaries and think outside of the box. We’re looking for like minds who really want to do something different and big.

(As a side note, our salary range for this position initially (plus bonus structure if applicable) is 52,480.00 – 60,900.00. Please be aware of the range before applying, or contact us about a different position/requirement. Thanks!)

Salary: $60,900.00 /year

Required experience:

  • Coldfusion: 4 years


Apply here.


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