ColdFusion Job Opportunity in Overland Park, KS

Implement programming strategies in a team development environment to further advance the usability of company web sites.

Mission, KS company looking for a dependable, experienced Web Developer with Cold Infusion experience to work in this Information Services Department.
Position purpose: Implement programming strategies in a team development environment to further enhance the usability of the company web sites. This includes development of new technologies and strategies to improve the overall user experience. Provide ongoing maintenance and issue resolution for existing web sites and develop new methods for communications between various systems.

Principal Interactions: The Web Developer II position reports to the Director of Web Technology and works in cooperation with the Web Development team at large. This position will support their specified development team in completing business initiatives. Additional interactions between technical vendors will occur as needed. Information Services provides complete support and development of all technologies related to the companies’ ongoing technical needs. This position will be involved in all aspects of developing and maintaining our web sites.
Essential Functions:

  1. Develop new technologies that can be used by the Marketing department to enhance the customer’s experience when using the web sites.
  2. Implement these new technologies based on the designs created by the marketing team.
  3. Create new web pages based on new designs created by the marketing team.
  4. Develop new technologies that can be used by other groups within the company to develop or enhance employee or contractor experience when dealing with secondary web sites.
  5. Keep up with maintenance issues concerning the web sites to enhance the customer’s experience when using our web sites.
  6. Implementation of increased security measures as are needed to protect the integrity of our web sites.
  7. Study the web sites of competitors as well as other leading web sites to discover other technologies and techniques that might than be applied to our own web sites.
  8. Implement coding changes based on best practices established by the architecture team. Follow application design documents and guidelines architected by other team members.
  9. Provide insight and direction with regards to the technical implementations of third party systems.
  10. Support code releases that will occur outside of normal business hours.

Provide Peer Reviews of team member code to ensure compliance with the agreed team standards.

Non-essential functions:

  1. Assists the Content team with content deployment as needed.
  2. Assists the QA team with testing scenarios as needed.
  3. Enters issue tickets as needed to document issues or enhancements that can benefit the business.


  1. Solid understanding of Object Oriented Concepts and Design Patterns
  2. Experience with object oriented programming in a web environment using a language such as ColdFusion
  3. Extensive knowledge and experience with SQL including complicated statements involving more than three tables and stored procedures
  4. Demonstrated abilities with HTML, DHTML, CSS and browser compatibility
  5. Experience with version control and distributed development environments (subversion preferred)
  6. Experience with JQuery
  7. Experience with JavaScript, JSON and AJAX
  8. Experience with XML technologies and web services
  9. Experience with MVC framework (ColdBox preferred)

Skills and Abilities:

  1. Ability to interpret and evaluate client informational needs and to determine appropriate alternative solutions.
  2. Ability to develop and/or modify and adapt systems, hardware configurations, and programs to meet individually specified needs.
  3. Ability to determine computer problems and to coordinate hardware and/or software solutions.
  4. Ability to evaluate and interpret end user information requirements, and to develop appropriate systems and/or applications solutions.
  5. Ability to plan, design, coordinate installation, test, and modify systems.
  6. Ability to assess and maintain quality of programming structure, design, and coding.
  7. Able to perform work in an organized manner, exhibiting initiative and flexibility.
  8. Able to handle many items simultaneously.
  9. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  10. Ability to meet deadlines
  11. Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously
  12. Ability to communicate positively with management, peers, subordinates and all associates within the organization.
  13. Ability to work as a positive member of the web development team. Works with the management and other internal users of the web as part of a team to develop and implement web related strategies and does so as a contributor to these efforts.


  • BS or equivalent experience.


  • Minimum of 5 years of expertise in the field

Behavioral Attributes

  1. Detail oriented/accurate
  2. Co-operative.
  3. Excellent listening skills.
  4. Initiative.
  5. Able to meet deadlines
  6. Able to work as a team member

Other related criteria for the job

  1. Must be able to sit at a computer desk for long periods of time
  2. Must be able to use computer for long periods of time
  3. While using required equipment the physical requirements include ability to read and write English, eye hand coordination, and use of keyboard and finger dexterity, ability to use phone and computer system.
  4. Must be available to work during normal business hours as well as support after hours releases as needed.

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