ColdFusion Job Opportunity in New York, NY

Job Description

The Software Engineer is a member of a team of software professionals responsible for the requirements implementation, technical & architectural design that supports scale and flexibility, construction, integration, unit & string testing, functional verification and maintenance of CorporateRewards software products. They will demonstrate pride of ownership, embrace being part of a team, be forward-thinking, and share a common vision of quality, integrity and efficiency and have a “do whatever it takes” approach to their work. Mission critical feature development and enhancements, with moderate emphasis on defect resolution, are part of their competently executed assignments. Using analytical skills, learning and applying industry best practices, tools and excellent interpersonal communication, this person will ensure quality implementations. This individual will enjoy being an integral part of an awesome culture of intelligent, like-minded individuals.

This position is available to entry level applicants provided they have a strong academic background in software development/computer science, can demonstrate a willingness to apply their knowledge in making brilliant contributions to our new product platform and are flexible in their approach to people and technology.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Evaluate:
    • Viable options for designing and deriving the best solutions based on  sound  analytical  judgment,  team  input  and  the  customers’  best  interest.
    • New technology approaches that push the boundaries and capabilities of design and provide feedback when applying these into our product offering.
  • Design:
    • Databases, views, stored procedures, T-SQL statements and user-defined functions  of  varying  complexity  with  a  “best  practices”  approach  to  keys,  indices  and  relationships in SQL Server 2008/2012. Experience using typed-datasets is critical.
    • Data interfaces using the latest web and data sharing technologies integrated internally as well as with third party providers (JSON/JSONP, XML-REST, SSO/SAML, Java, Struts/Hibernate).
    • Technical documentation for application code and the underlying methodology informing decisions made.
  • Develop:
    • Efficient, scalable, reliable and  reusable logic using Java & SQL Server 2008/2012 with a strong ability to develop in other technology stacks & frameworks (J2EE, Struts, Hibernate)
    •  Software adhering to functional and technical design specifications maintaining a “common  sense”  approach  to address  potential  design  gaps  and  provide  insight into closing them.
    • Standards compliant code that is highly reusable and modular through design and MVC logic separation.
    • Build on a foundation of unit and string testing of code; assist quality assurance as needed.
  • Maintain:
    •      Assist in continual improvement of software configuration management process.
    • Assess, troubleshoot, document, upgrade and develop maintenance procedures; Review code for potential performance issues, reusability, and/or anomalies.
  • Participate in training and / or customer support activities as needed

Skills & Requirements

  • Have 1-5 years of experience designing, building and delivering reliable and scalable web applications to thrilled clients
  • Solid software architecture, backend development, scalability, and performance concepts and application
  • Skilled in database technologies (primarily SQL), conventions and standards in database architecture, optimization, and database sharding
  • Have a solid grasp of:
    • HTML5, CSS3/SCSS/LESS, JavaScript, jQuery, UI libraries
    • Java/J2EE, Hibernate, Coldfusion (willing to learn), Web Services/APIs, Search Technologies, open source components
    • Branching strategies and tools (Git)

Education & Experience Requirements: 

  • Bachelor’s  degree  in Computer Science or related field (or equivalent experience)
  • 1-5 years’  experience actual hands on application development

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