ColdFusion Job Opportunity in Montvale, NJ

Cold Fusion Senior Full Stack Web Developer

Job Description
We’re looking for a full-time web application developer with comfort at all levels of the stack. You like to take on responsibility and work independently, but you enjoy collaborating with a small but growing team; either way, you’re smart, detail-oriented, and get things done.
You’ll work on large software-as-a-service web applications targeted at enterprise customers, but help us bring a distinctly non-corporate user-focused sensibility to app design. We hold the occasionally contrary opinion that business people at work are still actual people, and we strive to make our web applications delight those people — not just check the boxes on a corporate feature grid.

We care less about which specific languages you know than the fact that you have strong experience with more than one, and deep multi-year expertise with at least one. We’d love it if you have Python and CFML experience specifically, since we have a large CFML application running on the JVM using Railo/Lucee — but we also use Python, and are planning to transition much of our architecture to Python and PostgreSQL. As an expert, you would help spearhead this effort, alongside day-to-day development. You like taking on large projects, and would relish the idea of modernizing and porting a big application to Python using a framework like Flask.

Because more and more of our application logic is moving to the front end, it’s critical that you have strong JavaScript knowledge and experience. You understand the architectural case for distributing application logic among the client and server, and you’re comfortable using at least one JS framework. While we don’t need you to be an expert with SQL, our applications are data-driven, so it’s important that you have at least intermediate knowledge of SQL. While it’s not required, it would be great if you have enterprise integration experience in areas like single sign-on and punchout.

You will have contact with clients and client stakeholders, so you’re comfortable joining and occasionally leading calls and meetings. You’re able to express yourself in clear and professional English, so writing effective email messages and reading, analyzing, and developing project requirements is second nature to you.


  • 4+ years experience developing large web applications
  • Advanced knowledge of at least one back-end web development language
  • Strong knowledge of JavaScript, and experience with JavaScript frameworks
  • Intermediate knowledge of SQL, especially with PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL Server
  • Fluency with CSS, and CSS preprocessing workflows like LESS or Sass
  • Excellent written and spoken communications skills
  • Evidence of your abilities and experience, including samples of code you’ve written yourself that you’re proud of

Nice to Have

  • Experience with Python
  • Experience with CFML/ColdFusion, and/or other JVM-based languages
  • Experience integrating a web-based service with the kinds of systems that our customers often use, like Ariba, Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft (punchout, single sign-on, API integration, etc.)
  • Reputation on sites like Stackoverflow or Topcoder; Code samples on Github; Work on open-source projects; Blogging or other developer community interaction that shows your intelligence, expertise, and enthusiasm.
  • Comfort at the command line
  • Aptitude for UX design
  • Degree in a related field

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