ColdFusion Job Opportunity in Marietta, GA

AHEAD is seeking to create a wiki style developed site (open and community sourced Wikipedia vs. Gates funded Encardia) that offers a social entrepreneur business opportunity and fundraising resource for make-a-difference projects.
Coldfusion and Pearl script were used to construct an alpha demonstration site that did concept modeling for over 5 million members and still represents a resource for a lot of the functionality.

As a site and mobile app development team member, each person will be bringing different strengths to the team. As the project founder and responsible for the business development side, I bring to the group a strong knowledge of how to use the membership growth to create a 40-250K/yr. residual income for each team member who chooses to participate depending on their contribution. A strong incentive is that, once developed, the ongoing residual nature of the income becomes a strong incentive since it is ongoing while continuing contribution of time is limited. The risk side is it requires a delayed gratification attitude as development work is invested before income is seen.

Beta work is at and offers a place where we are already seeing market acceptance demonstrated, a place to prove the user experience development priorities and a business model demonstration much like Uber, but using more than the surplus of an empty back seat of a car, the mobile app allows the ability to take any marketplace surplus, like an empty restaurant table and unsold hotel room, and offer it up for both income and a chance to fund humanitarian and social agenda. A result is a “Uber for everything with a heart” and sustainable reclamation of market surplus to fund things that matter to us.

As a result I am looking to barter, or offer in exchange, my business development skills for someone who has a lot of confidence in the technology side and attracted to bringing their tech skills to the table. There are some particular strengths in working here in the Atlanta market and reviewing your broad-based resume created some intrigue on if you would be a good fit.

We have a need specifically for one or more team players who are confident in working with Coldfusion and how we can integrate some of the previous Coldfusion based functionality into a new site.
Without a development budget at this time we are looking for those willing to make a steady but limited weekly contribution of 5 or more hours a week in time in exchange for being included in the residual income associated with the membership growth. To accomplish this, some coaching on how to successfully exploit the income opportunity from membership growth will be needed and provided.

The upside is partnering with someone who is experienced (over 30 years) with the income development side (developing over 7 figures in annual revenue and 6 figures net) and offering in exchange your technical skills to site development. Because we are in the make-a-difference space there is additionally this intrinsic return on investment.
A good assessment of the risk and opportunity will likely require some investigation on both our sides. If you are open to investing some time in discussion the potential of working together personally, or feel like you know a colleague this could be the right fit for our team,

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