ColdFusion Job Opportunity in Folsom, CA

ROLE: Software Developer

LOCATION: onsite in the DC area

START DATE: Summer 2016

EDUCATION REQUIREMENT: Bachelors degree in computer science, or a related field

EXPERIENCE: minimum of two ( 2) years of professional application and web-based software development experience.

CLEARANCE: Secret clearance is required

Experience with ColdFusion, ColdFusion MX and ColdAP
Additional experience with any of the following development technologies : ASP .NET , JavaScript , SQL, and VbScript .
Well versed i n a l l phases o f the s o ft w a r e de v e l op m ent life cycle.
Working knowledge of development languages and the ability to develop single applications / interfaces utilizing variety complimentary languages .
The ability to prototype and develop custom solutions around requirements .
Experienced in developing against various relational database ( predominantly Microsoft SQL Server ) systems and in manipulating database objects in a development environment .
Extensive knowledge of the standards, techniques, methods, and concepts used in software development to include various hardware, system software, input / output devices, organizational structures and management practices .

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