ColdFusion Job Opportunity in Edna, MN


  • Work with project managers to receive application requirements and budgets when applicable.
  • Create, modify, test, and execute web and database applications following company protocols to achieve desired results.
  • Contribute to company success by focusing on client service including keep the client’s best interests, needs, and wants in mind.
  • Maintain a comprehensive and continually updated Top Priorities list (small and large tasks) so other are aware of what stage a task is in.
  • Contribute to company success by focusing on profitability including keep accurate and up-to-date time tracking (updated by the 1st and the 16th of every month).
  • Contribute to company success by focusing on positive team spirit including display cooperative attitude, volunteer for projects when available, and mentor junior developers.


  • Web Development – ColdFusion (very highly recommended), HTML 4-5, JavaScript, CSS, and more.
  • Database Development – SQL and more.
  • Other – Stored Procedures, SSIS, Java, jQuery, AJAX, Python, XML, XSL, XSD, Flex, SOAP, REST, and more.

1-3 years of professional experience preferred.

Adaptability, Analytical Skills, Attendance & Punctuality, Business Ethics, Communications – Oral and Written, Conflict Resolution, Cooperation, Cost Consciousness, Customer Service, Dependability, Initiative, Innovation, Job Knowledge, Judgment, Organization Support, Personal Appearance, Planning & Organization, Problem Solving, Quality, Quantity, Safety & Security, and Teamwork.


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