ColdFusion Job Opportunity in Denver, CO

Your opportunities: There are amazing opportunities to grow your talents; you’ll have the chance to work on impactful projects such as providing support to the citizens of Colorado through the Disability Determination Services group. This position will be located at the Colorado Department of Human Services in Aurora.

Your Position: As a ColdFusion Developer, you will develop, unit test, release and deploy Line Of Business (LOB) applications for each assigned agency within its defined scope of responsibility. You will also provide operational support and maintenance services throughout the life cycle.  These services vary in scope from minor enhancements to application replacement and modernization in alignment with a statewide enterprise operating environment.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Application Development – Under direction from senior developers, design, develop, debug, document, and test new application services to support designated agencies and/or the enterprise.  Specific work efforts are assigned from annual agency work plans and the OIT Playbook.
  • Release and Deployment Services – Control the packaging, testing and deployment of new application solutions. Coordinate update releases and other system changes as may be needed over the life cycle.  Follow OIT change management procedures.  Update system documentation and configuration information appropriately.
  • Skills Development – Identifies and completes job-related training to maintain current skills in applications development, process planning and maintenance & optimization capabilities.
  • Tracking and Reporting of Works Assigned – Working with the supervisor, develops estimates of the work effort necessary to deliver application solutions based upon the project specifications provided.  Records time spent on work activities into the approved project tracking system. Provides appropriate progress reports to the supervisor or project manager as requested.

Your Qualifications:

  • At least two years of hands-on programming experience in ColdFusion applications development.
  • Associates or Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in information technology, computer science, or related fields.  As a substitution, 5 years of ColdFusion applications development experience.
  • Effective understanding of latest technologies and should identify how to apply them.
  • Documented proficiency working collaboratively with teams across the software development life cycle.
  • Familiarity with delivering application prototypes and pilots in various project methodologies such as agile, waterfall, spiral, etc.
  • Be able to multi-task, have strong communications skills and be self-motivated.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel required.

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