ColdFusion Job Opportunity in Dayton, OH


  • Document, design, build, test, implement, and support web applications based on user requirements

– Create, modify, troubleshoot, and update input and output capabilities including reports, web pages, etc. Reports may vary in complexity based on audience and identified requirements
– Conduct analyses for new reports and functions; provide technical consultation to users/customers
– Interact with users/customers to obtain requirements and verify created solutions meet needs initially and over time
– Establish and implement application-controlled chain-of-custody and associated management requirements for documents containing Controlled Unclassified Information/sensitive data
– Design and/or provide the ability to capture and report transaction and usage metrics
– Design and/or provide the ability to archive, search, and recover historical data
– Provide discretionary access control for web pages, reports and databases
– Create methods and capabilities to establish robust transaction control
– Build programmatic auditing to establish and protect non-repudiation of data
– Given technical requirements and program structure design, be able to produce technical and user documentation and program in relational database query languages, modern programming languages or web development environments

  • Experience reading, writing, and modifying complex SQL queries
  • Maintain/modernize/enhance existing Wing applications including Internet applications
  • Assist users/customers with the development, use, modification, etc. of official records as defined by the user and applicable records management personnel
  • Design capabilities to coordinate, distribute and record user-specified data
  • Follow design and coding standards
  • Provide training and assistance with new and existing applications
  • Perform database backups, as well as general maintenance and upgrades
  • Monitor web server performance
  • Support C&A process through all phases of the system’s life cycle
  • Create in ColdFusion, HTML, XML, javascript, PHP, .NET
  • Work with ColdFusion server, as well as Oracle and SQL database administration.
  • Experience with Adobe Dreamweaver, Toad, Adobe Fireworks, SQL Server Management, Studio, Visual Studio and Microsoft Office programs
  • Providing prompt, professional, customer-friendly support for the 711 HPW in person, via email or on the phone

Minimum Educational Requirements (one of the following)

  • B.S. in Computer Science and 2 years relevant work experience
  • Any Bachelor’s Degree and 4 years relevant work experience
  • Any post-secondary education and 6 years relevant work experience

Active DoD Secret Clearance Required
To be considered for employment, candidates must complete the online application at

Required experience:

  • related experience: 4 years

Apply here.


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