ColdFusion Job Opportunity in Costa Mesa, CA


Under the direction of the Director, Marketing and Public Relations, this position will be responsible for the development, operation, analysis, maintenance and repair of Orange Coast College websites and related online materials to enhance effectiveness and meet college strategies, goals and objectives.

Knowledge of:

  1. Current programming languages and tools to design, code, test,  develop, analyze, troubleshoot, and implement new and engaging  websites and online applications.
  2. Specialized software applications (i.e., Enterprise Resource  Planning, web, and mobile).
  3. Principles, best practices and techniques used in the  programming, development, design, operation, analysis,  maintenance, implementation and modification of databases,  computer systems, and software applications.
  4. Integrated development environments (IDE).
  5. Application software lifecycle management.
  6. Systems integration to ensure compatibility and operational  efficiency between databases, systems, and applications.
  7. Security concepts including logical and physical security of  databases, systems, applications, and user authentication.
  8. Analytical tools to measure hardware, software, and databases to  maximize system performance.
  9. Data warehousing concepts and structures.
  10. Data mining, business intelligence, and querying of databases  (including data cubes).
  11. Information security laws and standards.
  12. Interpersonal skills using tact, patience, and courtesy
  13. Record-keeping and report preparation techniques.
  14. Oral and written communication skills.
  15. Correct English usage, grammar, spelling, punctuation and  vocabulary.
  16. Customer service standards, practices, techniques and  procedures.
  17. Business communication techniques.
  18. Appropriate safety precautions and procedures for all job  related functions and interactions.

Salary: $70,368.00 – $85,644.00 Annually

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