ColdFusion Job Opportunity in Austin, Texas

Coldfusion Developer Job Description:

This person will support our Cold Fusion and VBA business applications, and serve as backup DBA and BI administrator (with training).

Support and enhancement of existing ColdFusion intranet business applications.
ColdFusion server migration and upgrade from current Ver. 8
Support, enhancement, and development of VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) business applications

Required Experience:

  • Experience with Cold Fusion or similar components, e.g. JavaScript, PHP, ASP.
  • Experience with VBA
  • Experience with business application software development design, coding, testing, and implementation. Skill in software debugging and troubleshooting.
  • Demonstrated ability to initiate and follow best practice coding and testing standards.
  • Strong interest in identifying customer needs and addressing them through the provision of business application software. Demonstrated attitude of customer empowerment, user enablement, design and development of self-service systems and tools.

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