ColdFusion Job Opportunity in Athens, OH

The primary focus for this position is Content Management System Development. Developing new websites within the content management system. This involves: being given Photoshop design templates and converting them into websites within OHIO’s web presence using; meeting with and providing consultation to UCM staff and UCM clients, analyzing their needs and implementing solutions to achieve the determined goals for the project.

Completing support requests and maintaining current websites. This includes fixing bugs within the content management system and helping UCM staff and clients with issues they are experiencing with their existing websites. This involves: training, and re-training users how to maintain the websites; fixing parts of websites that are experiencing issues; updating outdated or deprecated code; fixing broken elements; and resolving any issues users may be experiencing with the websites.

Programming Development includes writing a significant amount of custom code including, but not limited to: HTML , JavaScript/jQuery/ AJAX , SQL , and ColdFusion, and creating new functionalities within the content management system for features the system is unable to natively accomplish.

Training – Maintaining a thorough knowledge of new web trends, web standards, and web technologies. This includes: reading articles on these topics; educating users about W3C and ADA compliance. Additionally, schedules and conducts training for content contributors, both end users and advanced “super users”.

Minimum Qualifications
A bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field is required. Position requires two years of experience in web development and working with content management systems. 1-2 years minimum level of work related experience required.

Preferred Qualifications
Up to 12 months supervisory or managerial experience a plus. Working knowledge of concepts, practices and procedures and ability to use in varied situations. Exchange of routine, factual information and/or answering routine questions, exchanging detailed information or resolve varied problems. Identify needs/concerns of others, determine potential solutions, resolve or redirect appropriately.

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