ColdFusion Job Opportunity in Arlington, VA

Task – Performance Analysis and Improvements This work involves monitoring (using tools already in place as well as new tools to be recommended by the contractor) and improving the performance of the NSF web site detailed above. This will involve analyzing code, database queries, server configuration, and networking issues.

Deliverables will include: * Technical reports * Analytics reports * Browser display tests * Recommendations for performance improvement and tools * Other tasks and deliverables as agreed on by the Foundation and the contractor.

Content on the Java-based pages is drawn from the following major systems: * Program Information Management System (PIMS) is a multi-tiered web-based Java / J2EE application, using the Oracle/Sun One application server and writing to a Sybase database. PIMS uses XML Beans to model program and publication information. It has a customized workflow and uses XML Process Definition Language (XPDL) as its native workflow definition format. The workflow system is implemented as a business-tier component that uses standard J2EE technologies, including Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs), Java Messaging Service (JMS), and Java Management Extensions (JMX) and several open source libraries. PIMS is currently managed by DIS.

  • ePublish is a multi-tiered web-based Java / J2EE content management system using the Apache Tomcat application server and writing to a Sybase database. It allows office, directorate and division webmasters to customize their external home pages and to enter and manage news, events and general information for their organizations to appear on, or both. Authoring is distributed and organization webmasters have the ability to publish information directly to their external and internal sites. OLPA also uses the application to post news, events, discoveries, and items for the Multimedia Gallery.
  • The Staff Directory maintains information about NSF staff and contractors for display on and, as well as for use by numerous NSF applications. Offices, directorates and divisions have the ability to submit update requests using a web-based form, which publishes some changes immediately, or via email. The current ColdFusion application is being converted into Java.
  • The Online Document System is used by IDB to manage the publications on the external NSF web site. Offices, directorates and divisions request additions and changes by sending requests to IDB. The current ColdFusion application is being converted into Java.
  • Funding, News, Events and Discoveries Searches: At the time this statement of work is being written, these searches are being converted from Verity-based searches to the SOLR search engine. Data is extracted from the source databases using Talend Open Studio.
  • Web Manager is a Java application used to transfer files from the acceptance environment to the production server.


  • 3- 5+ years of rapid web development, using HTML, Java, JavaScript, CSS
  • Proven experience as well as a solid understanding of Object Oriented Design and Programming
  • A solid understanding of web application development processes, from the layout/user interface to relational database structures
  • Strong communication and writing skills
  • Ability to communicate directly with peers, managers and clients while leading development to a completed
  • Ability to communicate directly with peers, managers, and clients while leading development to a completed and successful solution
  • Strong organization skills to manage multiple timelines and complete tasks quickly within the constraints of clients’ timelines and budgets
  • Ability to grow professionally in a highly flexible and fast-moving environment
  • Awareness and pride in 100% client satisfaction

Job Type: Contract

Required experience:

  • Web Development: 4 years

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