ColdFusion Job Opportunity in Albany, NY

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles requires assistance with DMV System Modernization Projects. This involves analysis of existing processes and documentation of business rules; creation of functional specifications; system analysis and design; design of forms; creation of business logic components and methods; transaction logging; documentation relative to the changes; development of detailed unit test and system test plans to make sure the new system adheres to the business rules; remediating any bugs or problems found in testing; creation of a comprehensive help document for users as a reference and training guide; development of post-production support plans; and the development of user acceptance process. It has been determined that we require a qualified professional who will assist with an analysis and programming of web design and processes, and .NET development with various DMV System Modernization projects.

  • 60 Months of experience developing in Cold Fusion
  • 60 Months of experience in developing ASP.NET application
  • 72 Months of experiencing in web development using Responsive Web Design and/or Web Frameworks (e.g., Bootstrap)
  • 72 Months of experience using HTML, CSS, JavaScript or jQuery
  • 60 Months experience in interacting with and using Microsoft SQL Server
  • 60 Months experience in System Design

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