ColdFusion / Flex Job Opportunity in Washington, DC

Job Description

Seasoned Developer needed to Maintain and Modernize Flex Application

We need a seasoned developer to support and help us modernize an enterprise-level application for a federal agency. The primary application you will support is written in Flex with ColdFusion on the backend. Our goals will be to maintain and reverse-engineer / modernize the application into an HTML5 and ColdFusion based application.

As the Flex developer, you must be able to support and debug a high-visibility, role-based suite of modules that is used by multiple departments within a federal agency. Existing code is complex, so skill at debugging is imperative. You must be comfortable with working on, debugging, and enhancing the application and its various modules.

The developer must also be:

  • Able to troubleshoot applications based on Flex SDK 3.5.
  • Familiar with Flex framework under Flash Builder 4.6 with Action Script 3, as well as: Data Service and ColdFusion Remote Objects, Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) services: HttpService, WebServices, and RemoteObject Services.
  • Familiar with Flex data services to send and receive data from web services, HTTP URLs, and remote objects such as server-based Java objects.

The Flex developer should have worked in an environment that practices strict version control, preferably using Subversion. Strong development and troubleshooting skills are essential and with a disciplined approach to change control little to no experience with subversion will enable you to learn and adapt to our standard operating for quality change control.

This is a Maintenance and Operations environment that has some flexibility for shift you will work.

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