ColdFusion Contract Job in West Palm Beach, FL

ColdFusion Developer
Est. duration of the 1st stage:
6 months (with a possibility of direct employment with the Client).
Onsite: On location at the Client’s site 100% of the time. No telecommuting or remote work.
Additional Information: Health care and benefits available.


  • Performing development and deployment of integrated solutions to enhance, consolidate, and coordinate independently designed applications enterprise-wide;
  • Assisting in projects and/or schedule and coordinate project deliverables;
  • Assisting in program design, coding, benchmark testing, debugging, and documentation; mentor and guide application developers and junior team members;
  • Leading in content management design and implementation, coding, benchmark testing, debugging, and documentation; under general supervision, instruct, direct, and validate other content authors and developers work; mentor and guide content developers and junior team members;
  • Applying technical knowledge and a thorough understanding of business applications is required to facilitate the development of supporting knowledge architecture and standards;
  • Assisting in component and data architecture design, software, production evaluation, and buy / build recommendations;
  • When appropriate, may liaison with outside vendors to coordinate code development and acceptance;
  • Performing testing of Web applications, unit and system, engaging users as necessary.


  • Experience with ColdFusion 8-10 (5+ years);
  • Experience with JavaScript, HTML, SQL;
  • Experience with jQuerry, EXTJS, Oracle (preferred);
  • Experience working with web portals for personalizing content and customizing user experience;
  • Bachelor’s degree in related field (preferred).

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