ColdFusion Contract Job in Swiftwater, PA

Job Title: Cold Fusion Developer
Location: Swiftwater, PA
Duration: 11 Months

Job Description:
The contractor will perform various development tasks throughout the development cycle, providing feedback based upon the specific change requirements and business needs, while adhering to the project schedule. The contractor will also need to understand and adhere to web development guidelines that have been established. Maintenance The contractor will assist in maintaining established web applications including, but not limited to content updates, code updates, performance tuning and troubleshooting. Implementation The contractor(s) will oversee moving of the changes to the system successfully based on established web guidelines.

ColdFusion Developer with 2-4 years experience with creating complex ColdFusion applications. The developer should be knowledgeable of SQL query language and basic database architecting. Familiarization with popular ColdFusion frameworks such as Mach-II and Fusebox 5.5 is a plus. The developer should also be experienced with object-oriented programming. Java, Javascript, JQuery, JSON, CSS, HTML5, Responsive frameworks, Drupal, Flex, xCode (Objective C) and or .Net experience a plus.

College Degree or demonstrated equivalent in skills. Applicants considered will be given a programming test in basic web application development to assess level of skill.

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Best Regards,

Ahamed Ali
(973) 967-3428

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