ColdFusion Contract Job in San Francisco, CA

Location: San Francisco, CA
Job Type: Temp/Contract
Ref.Code: 3242-2
Hours: Full Time
Travel: No
Relocation: No

Job Description
Responsibilities of the IT Developer Lead include:

  • Assisting the IT Project Manager by identifying detailed application development tasks and estimating the level of effort of each task.
  • Developing and documenting the conceptual design of JIS.
  • Developing and documenting the logical design of JIS.
  • Working with the Information Technology Services Office (ITSO) units to develop the physical design of JIS.
  • Developing and documenting the technical specifications
  • Employing the development tools, standards, and guidelines currently being used by ITSO for software development projects (i.e. Oracle 11g, ColdFusion 10, Toad, Clear Quest, etc.)
  • Selecting additional development tools, where needed, to support the development and deployment of JIS.
  • Selecting additional design and development strategies, where needed, such as the use of object-oriented design strategies and patterns.
  • Collaborating with database team members on the design of the JIS database, as needed.
  • Participating in user-interface design.
  • Developing an application framework and templates which will be used by the application developers.
  • Designing key application components.
  • Assisting application and database developers design and develop application components which are consistent with the defined design and standards.
  • Ensuring delivered project application components conform to design specifications, standards, technical, and performance requirements.
  • Developing technical test plans and leading the technical testing
    Developing and unit testing application components, including shared components, utilities, screens, reports, and processes.

Required Qualifications

Minimum Job-Specific Skills/Qualifications Required (in order of relative importance):

  • Equivalent to possession of a bachelor’s degree, preferably with major course work in computer science.
  • 10+ years experience in Information Technology.
  • 7+ years experience designing complex, enterprise-wide applications using multiple web technologies, tools and languages.
  • 5+ years of experience in an n-tier or service-oriented architecture (SOA) environment.
  • Proven track record of successfully designing, documenting and delivering of complex, enterprise-wide applications, leading multiple development teams simultaneously.
  • Experience with the principles of full life cycle systems design and development.
  • Experience with the principles and techniques of program design, development, testing, and documentation.
  • Experience with the principles and techniques of systems implementation including conversion, data reconciliation, user training, and documentation.
  • Thorough knowledge of application architecture for enterprise-wide systems such as multi-tier, distributed and web-based system architecture and development principles, and internet/intranet application delivery mechanisms.
  • Experience with object oriented design and programming architectures and design patterns.
  • Extensive experience with server side technologies (ColdFusion 10) including the installation, design, creation, documentation, maintenance, and upgrade of ColdFusion server platform.
  • Extensive experience with other web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML).
  • Ability to conduct research into a variety of application development technologies as required.
  • Excellent analytical capabilities and the ability to breakdown complex ideas into manageable pieces.

Additional Skills/Qualifications Desired:

  • Recent experience within government agencies or public bodies with projects of a similar type.
  • Experience with other related application development technologies, including UNIX, Oracle 11g, LDAP, SMTP, JavaScript, SQL, and Crystal Reports.
  • Experience using application development tools, including Eclipse, Clear Quest, Subversion, and Toad.
  • Knowledge of Unified Modeling Language (UML) tools and techniques.

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