ColdFusion Consultant Job in Springfield, VA

Urgent need for Specialists/Contractors to mobilize a ColdFusion migration from the current version to the latest version which is several layers up (6.1 to 10).

Some more contexts are below:

  • Initial proof of concept testing done by current IT Team is to install ColdFusion 10 on a new machine. All connections needed configured successfully.
  • 6.1 code is not working when tried to run on ColdFusion 10 engine. This is expected, and this is what may need a lot of tweaking for it to work.

Bottom-line, is we need somebody to fix the code that is currently written in 6.1 and port it to 10 and make it work. The urgency is very high as this is a major showstopper in our remediation efforts. Completion of the environment early next week is expected so having the contractor onboard next week is badly needed


  • Web development
  • Java
  • PHP
  • ColdFusion
  • Scripting
  • ColdFusion Server administration

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